New Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Requirements for California Manufacturers

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Beginning July 1, 2024, California manufacturers must have a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan in place. This initiative is crucial for enhancing safety and complying with Cal/OSHA standards. Discover the essential elements and updates that employers need to know.
Workplace violence prevention meeting at a manufacturing plant.

New Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Requirements for California Manufacturers

Starting July 1, 2024, manufacturers in California are mandated to establish, implement, and maintain a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan. This new regulation aims to enhance workplace safety and ensure a secure environment for all employees. Key components of this plan include:

  • Prohibiting Employee Retaliation: Ensuring employees can report workplace violence without fear of retaliation.
  • Accepting and Responding to Reports: Establishing procedures to accept and address reports of workplace violence.
  • Employee Training and Communication: Regular training on workplace violence prevention.
  • Emergency Response: Preparing for actual or potential emergencies related to workplace violence.
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These requirements, enforceable by Cal/OSHA, are critical for compliance and workplace safety.

Important Updates for California Employers

In October 2023, we informed our clients about the new law requiring a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan. As of March 12, Cal/OSHA has provided a Model Template for employers to prepare their plans. Download The Model Template.

Additionally, California has issued updated documents for 2024, which must be provided to all new hires. These include:

  1. PFL-SDI-UI Pamphlet: Updates on Unemployment Benefits, State Disability, and California Paid Family Leave. Download the California’s Programs for the Unemployed document.
  2. Time of Hire Pamphlet: Information regarding Workers’ Compensation. Download the Time of Hire Pamphlet.


Staying updated and compliant with these new regulations is essential for all California manufacturers. At Dochterman Insurance, we are committed to keeping our clients informed about new and emerging employment-related regulations, associated documentation, and other important HR management information.

For expert guidance on maintaining compliance and implementing these changes effectively, contact Dochterman Insurance today. We are here to support your manufacturing business in navigating these regulatory updates and ensuring workplace safety.

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