Why MTI Recommends Dochterman Insurance

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Why MTI Recommends Dochterman Insurance

MTI and Dochterman Insurance: A Strong Alliance

At MTI, we care about the success, security and future of our Members and the heat treat industry. That’s why we have chosen Dochterman Insurance as our official business insurance partner agency. They have the knowledge and experience to protect your business from the risks you face every day.

Dochterman Insurance: The Experts in Metalworking Insurance

When it comes to insurance for metalworking companies, Dochterman Insurance stands out. As the official business insurance partner agency of MTI, they have a unique understanding of the specific risks and challenges faced by metalworkers. Their exclusive insurance program and risk management solutions were designed to fit metalworking companies’ unique needs and budgets. With Dochterman Insurance, you’re not just getting a policy. You’re getting a partner who truly understands your business and is committed to your success and future.

Dochterman Insurance: The Personalized Service You Deserve

As a member of MTI, you deserve the best insurance partner for your metalworking business. That’s why Dochterman Insurance is committed to serving you with excellence and integrity. They have the expertise, experience, and resources to help you reduce your risks, lower your costs, and enhance your productivity and profitability. With Dochterman Insurance, you are not just a client. You are part of a community of metalworkers who share the same vision and passion for their industry.

"The Savings Is Real."

Tom Morrison - CEO MTI

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When prospective clients ask why they should partner with Dochterman Insurance for their insurance and risk management needs, the answer is simple: they are Metalworking Insurance Specialists. This is who they are and the only thing they do. Dochterman Insurance is not a generalist broker who happens to write a few manufacturing accounts. They write over 1,000 policies for metalworkers due to their expertise, experience, and longstanding relationships with insurance markets. This enables them to deliver affordable solutions that protect property, assets, employees, and reputation while reducing risk and costs. The bottom line: they walk the talk. You can see the insurance solutions and programs they’ll create for you.

Our Insurance Solutions Include:

MTI CEO Tom Morrison interviews Jonathan Dochterman and Jamie Ausec from Dochterman Insurance Services on the launch of MTI's new business insurance program.

"I'm excited about this new program tied to a company that understands the world of heat treating and how to underwrite and sell that risk."

- Tom Morrison - CEO MTI

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"They get a 10/10 recommendation from me for P&C insurance, I have never met one better in my 21 years in the industry."

Heather Falcone - CEO Thermal-Vac Technology

Dochterman Insurance is your dedicated partner in providing comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions for the heat treating and metalworking industry. We understand the unique challenges you face and offer industry-specific insurance products to safeguard your business. With a focus on custom manufacturing insurance, general liability, property insurance, and more, we bring extensive experience and specialized knowledge to protect your assets, employees, and reputation.

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