Rocky Mountain Tooling & Machining Association (RMTMA)

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Rocky Mountain Tooling & Machining Association (RMTMA)

Empowering the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NTMA

Welcome Rocky Mountain Chapter NTMA members! We are proud to partner with you to provide specialized insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of your members. Together, we aim to support your business and help you achieve greater success in the manufacturing industry.

"The RMTMA offers a few different approaches to help members engage and nurture the workforce of their future--There are a lot of exciting events and opportunities that lie ahead in this coming year."

Andrew Igl - RMTMA President

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Why RMTMA Chooses Dochterman Insurance

For members, 1% is contributed to the local chapter and 1% to the national association. For non-members aligned with NTMA criteria, 0.5% is contributed to both local and national chapters.
NTMA Commercial Program
This program offers chapters the opportunity to provide members with cost-saving options on commercial manufacturing insurance, safeguarding substantial family-owned business assets.
Membership Growth
We pledge to market NTMA to all qualifying non-member shops. Additionally, we will become an associate member of the local chapter and advocate for NTMA membership through our website presence.
Social Media Engagement
We support the local chapter through social media activity by sharing, liking, and commenting on posts. We will also supply content for chapter executives to share online.
Event Participation
Our role includes sponsoring and promoting local events such as golf tournaments and others.
Networking Facilitation
We aim to connect shops with diverse resources like heat treatment services, financial services, and investment advice.
Local Involvement
We plan to participate on the local chapter’s board and offer assistance to local members in various capacities.

Supporting the RMTMA Mission and Vision

Dochterman Insurance is dedicated to helping the Rocky Mountain Tooling & Machining Association (RMTMA) achieve its mission of assisting manufacturers in reaching their peak performance. By offering comprehensive insurance solutions, Dochterman Insurance allows RMTMA members to focus on innovation and operational excellence without the burden of potential risks. This partnership aligns with RMTMA’s vision of fostering networking, workforce development, and education, providing a solid foundation for growth and advancement within the manufacturing industry.

Enhancing Member Benefits and Organizational Growth

Partnering with Dochterman Insurance offers significant advantages to RMTMA and its members. We provide business and health insurance, along with expert risk management support, to help mitigate unforeseen challenges. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the precision custom manufacturing industry, ensuring financial stability and operational continuity. By protecting members’ businesses, we enable them to engage in valuable networking, participate in benchmarking surveys, and access educational programs like NTMA-U, thereby enhancing overall member satisfaction and retention.

Driving Community and Industry Improvement

With Dochterman Insurance as a key partner, RMTMA members benefit from exclusive savings and efficient service, allowing reinvestment in their workforce and business operations. Our collaboration supports RMTMA’s commitment to advocacy, education, and networking by providing a secure environment for business growth. By addressing challenges such as inflation, talent scarcity, and supply chain interruptions, Dochterman Insurance helps RMTMA members prepare for and capitalize on future economic opportunities. Together, we build a stronger, more resilient manufacturing community that drives continuous industry improvement.

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"There has never been a better time to invest in talent retention and recruitment in preparation for the strong economic opportunities that are headed our way. In the toughest of times, we must think ahead and prepare for the best of times."

Andrew Igl - General Manager of EPTAM Rapid Launch Center & RMTMA President

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