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Our Mission at Dochterman Insurance, Your Trusted Insurance Partner:

We Protect The Future of Manufacturers.

At Dochterman Insurance, we’re dedicated to securing the future of manufacturers. With specialized coverage designed for your unique needs, we offer solutions that safeguard your assets, reputation, and people. Explore our offerings further on Industry-Specific Insurance Solutions for coverage that brings you peace of mind.

factory worker with ear protection under Dochterman Manufacturers Insurance coverage.
Specialized coverage checklist and shield icon representing Dochterman Insurance's commitment to Manufacturers Insurance.

Specialized Coverage for Manufacturers

As manufacturing insurance experts, Dochterman Insurance boasts a portfolio of over 800 custom policies developed specifically for Southern California's diverse manufacturing landscape. Our expertise allows us to address the nuanced risks associated with various manufacturing processes, ensuring your operations are fully protected.

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Affordable, Comprehensive Solutions

Our strategic partnerships with leading insurance markets empower us to offer affordable yet extensive coverage options. These partnerships are central to our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions that don't compromise on the breadth or quality of protection for your manufacturing enterprise.

Full-scale support icon representing comprehensive support for manufacturers by Dochterman Insurance.

Full-Scale Support for Manufacturers

Dochterman Insurance views its role not just as a provider, but as a steadfast partner in your manufacturing journey. From understanding the specifics of your manufacturing type to comprehensive policy management, we're committed to supporting your growth every step of the way.

Insurance professional preparing manufacturers' insurance form at Dochterman Insurance
Manufacturer signing insurance policy form with Dochterman Insurance


Why Choose a Specialist:

Dochterman Insurance stands out as a team dedicated exclusively to manufacturing insurance. Unlike general agencies, our focus is solely on serving manufacturers, ensuring your legacy is protected and your growth sustained.

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Expanding to Serve You Better.

Our Reach:

Policies in effect across 15 states coast-to-coast.

Dochterman Insurance’s expertise and policies extend across 15 states, providing coast-to-coast coverage. With over 20 years of experience and more than 2,000 policies in force, our expanding network is a testament to our commitment to serve manufacturers better.

Aerial view of a bustling manufacturing sector insured by Dochterman Insurance.
CNC specialist operating machinery with precision, insured by Dochterman Insurance.
Wooden figures symbolizing the protection of manufacturing employees, secured by Dochterman Insurance.

Comprehensive Solutions for Competitive Edge

More Than Insurance:

Our offerings at Dochterman Insurance go beyond traditional coverage. With a suite of services including employee benefits, HR support, and risk management, we’re here to ensure your business’s success. Our in-depth industry expertise means you receive informed advice specific to the manufacturing sector. But our commitment doesn’t end there; we’re dedicated to forming long-term partnerships, sharing your vision for growth every step of the way.

For further insights into how we can support your manufacturing business, explore our services or learn more about our team.

“We Protect The Future of Manufacturers”

Jonathan Dochterman, President and Co-Founder of Dochterman Insurance, dedicated to Manufacturers Insurance.
Jonathan Dochterman

President and Co-Founder

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