Three interconnected gears representing Dochterman Manufacturer Insurance collaboration.
Three interconnected gears representing Dochterman Manufacturer Insurance collaboration.

Manufacturing Insurance Is All We Do

Our Exclusive Commercial Programs Have Saved Our Clients Up To 30% Or More!
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American Made Protection for
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Insurance For Manufacturers: Our Sole Focus

Other Brokers Don't Have Access To Our Exclusive Programs


Commercial Manufacturing Insurance Programs

Safeguard Your Business With Our Specialized Manufacturing Insurance Solutions.

Navigate the complexities of manufacturing insurance with ease. We don’t just offer insurance; we act as your advocate, selling your risk profile to the underwriter for specific coverage. Benefit from in-depth risk assessments, potentially saving you 10-30% on premiums. Experience the perfect blend of large brokerage expertise and personalized service, all with guaranteed same-day response times.

Property insurance icon for manufacturers insurance services.

Property Insurance:

Protect your assets and secure your business premises with our tailored property insurance.
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Workers' compensation icon for manufacturing insurance services.

Workers’ Compensation:

Take care of your most valuable assets—your employees—with our comprehensive workers’ compensation packages.
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Equipment breakdown icon for manufacturers insurance services.

Equipment Breakdown:

Never let machinery hiccups halt your business; our equipment breakdown coverage has you protected.
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General liability icon for manufacturers insurance services.

General Liability:

Safeguard against legal hassles with our comprehensive general liability insurance.
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Commercial automobile icon for manufacturers insurance services.

Commercial Automobile:

Cover all your commercial vehicles under one plan with optimized costs and maximum benefits.
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Executive liability icon for manufacturers insurance services, covering D&O, EPLI, Entity, Fiduciary.

Executive Liability (D&O, EPLI, Entity, Fiduciary):

Extend the protective umbrella to your executives, safeguarding your business from top to bottom.
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Manufacturers Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance icon by Dochterman Insurance Services.

Manufacturers Errors & Omissions (E&O):

Minimize the financial impact of errors and omissions specific to manufacturing processes.
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Cyber Security Insurance icon for manufacturing industry protection by Dochterman Insurance Services.

Cyber Security Insurance:

Protect your digital assets and data with Dochterman Insurance’s comprehensive Cyber Security Insurance. Safeguard your business from cyber threats, data breaches, and more.
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Exclusive Health Program:

Join the Precision Manufacturing Benefits Trust to tap into collective buying power, securing reduced rates and enhanced flexibility in employee benefits.

Dental Insurance:

Choose from a wide array of dental insurance plans, covering immediate needs and offering preventive screenings to maintain oral health.

Vision Insurance:

Explore our range of vision insurance plans, which provide coverage for your immediate vision care needs and include preventive screenings to identify eye health issues early.

Life Insurance, Key Man & Buy-Sell:

Cover employees and key staff with varied life insurance options. Include a buy-sell agreement for business continuity.

The Dochterman Logo represents premier Manufacturers Insurance Services.

Voluntary Benefits:

Employees self-select and fully fund their chosen benefits from a broad range of options. You only cover minimal administrative expenses.

HR Outsourcing:

Access comprehensive HR outsourcing to manage everything from employee benefits and compliance to workers’ compensation, made for manufacturers.

Employee Handbook:

Simplify HR management with a detailed, user-friendly employee handbook, customized for manufacturers and compliant with legal requirements.

HR Audits & Compliance Review:

Avoid costly liabilities and streamline your HR processes with expert audits, covering everything from hiring to compliance.

Harassment Prevention Training:

Equip your team with the knowledge to identify and prevent workplace harassment, staying compliant with evolving laws.

Hiring Practices:

Streamline your hiring process to find skilled operators, admin staff, and managers that align with your company culture.

Customized Insurance Solutions
Your Industry, Recognized

Serving Diverse Manufacturing Industries

From aerospace to defense, from medical to utility, and auto to industrial, our specialized insurance offerings cater to a wide range of manufacturing sectors. We understand the unique challenges each industry faces and provide specialized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Value Add Services

Rethinking Manufacturing Insurance

With Dochterman Insurance, you’re not just getting insurance; you’re gaining a strategic partner focused solely on the manufacturing industry. We offer:

Exclusive Savings

More Coverage for Less Cost with Coast-to-Coast Reach

Navigating the maze of insurance options can be challenging. Often, companies rely on brokers who shop around for coverage but hit walls due to market limitations. That’s where Dochterman Insurance sets itself apart.

"I'm extremely pleased with how open enrollment went with Dochterman Insurance. It was by far the best meeting and level of preparation in at least 5 years. The Dochterman team arrived 30 minutes early (offered to bring Starbucks to me), they had all required materials in English and Spanish, the meetings ran on time, they met with individuals to handle their issues and questions, great bilingual support, they troubleshot ease access on the spot, they made a multiple carrier change seem easy.

Summary data provided prior to the meetings was in depth and helpful, all supplemental asks (reports in different ways, different summaries) were taken care of timely. The team clearly worked hard on this, the effort translated, and I am extremely grateful."

Heather Falcone, CEO Thermal Vac

USA map icon representing nationwide Manufacturer Insurance coverage by Dochterman.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Whether your operations are local or stretch across the nation, our program ensures you are covered everywhere, every time.

Exclusive Access icon for Dochterman's Manufacturer Insurance services.

Exclusive Access

This isn't a one-size-fits-all policy that any broker can offer. Our specialized program is exclusive to Dochterman Insurance and made for the manufacturing industry.

Unbeatable Savings icon for Dochterman's Manufacturer Insurance.

Unbeatable Savings

Forget about compromising coverage for cost. Our program can save you up to 30% or more on your premiums while offering superior coverage features.

As a trusted partner in your business, we continually seek ways to provide better coverage at reduced costs. Our exclusive program is a testament to this commitment, offering benefits that generic insurance plans simply can't match. Don't settle for less when you can have more coverage for less cost. Choose Dochterman Insurance Services for a truly unparalleled insurance experience, designed specifically for manufacturers like you.

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